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Crystal Pump

Crystal Pump - Premium Pre Workout

Crystal Pump - Premium Pre Workout

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I tried dozens of pre workouts, and spent thousands of dollars to find the ultimate pre workout formula.

I’ve been taking pre workout for 15 years now, and I have seen trends go from nitric oxide enhancer to illicit stimulant blasts, then sterile corporate pre workout products that we have today.

I reached a point where I stopped taking pre workout: for my heavy sets the high caffeine would cause me to have too high of a heart rate to get under a heavy squat for reps. And even worse: I would crash after my main sets 

As a competitor in both powerlifting and strongman, the crash from these high stem products was bad enough on training days but it made using pre workout competition day a no go. At best I could take a half serving before each event.

What I wanted was a product that gave me sustained intense focus, amazing pumps and no mid workout crash.

I spent thousands on pre workout trying to find something that could fit these 3 criteria and had no success.

So the solution was obvious: spend even more to find my own formula that solve this.

I went through one disgusting unflavored concoction to another trying to find what ingredients really made this possible.

Finally I have what is before you: Crystal Pump.

Strongman event days can take 4 hours to complete with set up, take down, warm-up, rest…. And I can make it through the whole workout with just 1 serving of crystal pump because of how sustained the energy is.

On competition day I can rely on not crashing between events because of my pre workout or ruin my appetite.

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