About me

My name is Steve Hanna, but more people know me as “Strongman Steve”.

I grew up overweight and out of shape, but fortunately had a weight training class in high school that got me just enough results to snap me out of it and start loving to lift.

I was a typical “bro lifter” for my first few years of lifting and my best friend worked at a supplement shop, so I spent hours upon hours looking at the products with him. I wanted “the secret ingredients” that would help me achieve the body of the mass monsters in the advertisements.

Well that ended up not being how it worked, but it did get me very interested in pre workouts because those were the only ones with an instant impact on my workouts. It also lined up almost perfectly for getting me to fall in love with Jack3d, which was the most extreme product of the time.

From 2009 to 2013 I would even say I abused the hardcore products that were flooding into the market. I was a sim junky and loved the thrill of taking the most hardcore products I could find. 

Once I started competing in powerlifting in 2013, those products weren’t making the same impact they once did: I would crash before my accessory work and I was often jittery and anxious in my most important heavy sets of competition lifts.

Plus, at nearly the same time, DMAA (a powerful stimulant in hardcore pre workouts at the time) was made illegal. Pre workouts were no longer exciting and were basically just over priced caffeine bombs.

Nearly 10 years later, I’m looking to bring the love of pre workout that I used to have back into the strength sports scene.

I started competing in strongman in 2014 and the sport has some unique needs compared to other forms of training: sessions are particularly physically and mentally demanding, competitions are typically rather long with 4 or more events, and event training can last for hours because of the set up time and weights used. 

I wanted a product that worked for me as a strongman and with nothing filling that need I made my own.

Strength sports are my passion and I love being able to provide something that is legitimately useful to other athletes like myself.

I still compete in strongman and want to share that passion with others, so check my blog out for tips on training, competing and more!

I live in Gainesville, Florida, and train at American Barbell Club if anyone wants to come and training with me.